mountaintop living

There’s nothing quite like waking up each day on the top of a mountain. (Okay, well, a mountain in the Poconos, so more like a tall hill, but you get the jist).

It’s hard to not feel separate from the world below- news barely makes it up here and the things we do each day don’t even seem like work. Like really, who gets paid to shoot Nerf archery, sing songs with elementary children, go on nature hikes, and boat around a lake? That was literally my schedule today. Yesterday may or may not have involved a slip and slide. 

As I wrap up my second year on staff at Pocono Plateau I can’t even express the gratitude I feel toward every single staffer. These strangers quickly became acquaintances, then friends, then family. They’ve been a source of laughter, inspiration, tears, and knowledge. Just in the few short weeks we’ve all been together, it’s been a roller coaster ride of joys, confusion, getting lost in the woods, challenging campers, inside jokes, torrential downpours, and fireside chapels. It’s the silly, seemingly-meaningless times that end up forming the deepest bonds, and luckily we’ve had plenty of those to share.

So to my Plateau family: I thank God every single day for this amazing family he’s provided me in each of you. You’ve been such an enormous blessing in ways you can’t even begin to understand. Thank you for challenging me to improve myself, for being a steady source of encouragement, for forcing me to be patient, for making me laugh, for making me think, for teaching me new things about God, for sharing your faith journeys, for sharing your snacks, for being understanding, for striving to live like Christ, for singing and dancing, and for making every day an adventure. Without you, this place simply wouldn’t be home. As exciting as it is to be moving to Georgia and starting seminary, I just can’t imagine any place being better than right here. 

It’s not goodbye, just see ya later. 


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